Information - Jéanne & Marshall Humphreys

Jéanne (Metua-Tom Neale) & Marshall Humphreys have lived on Atiu for a number of years returning to settle on Jéanne's land which was inherited through her Cook Islands mother, Akekarapo Taringa. They have seven grown children.

Jéanne , a well known artist, was born and rasied in the Cook Islands and speaks both Cook Islands Maori & English fluently. Her father was the famous Tom Neale, who lived on Suwarrow, author of 'An Island to Oneself'.

Marshall, originally from England, has extensive experience in the hotel & travel industry having trained in Hotel Management in England.

Marshall & Jéanne offer you a sound insight into Cook Islands culture and bring years of international experience in the hotel & travel industry to enhance & ensure your time on Atiu is both memorable & specific to your needs....

Atiu and it's people

Atiu is the third largest island in the southern group of the Cook Islands in the South Pacific. It is a volcanic island surrounded by a coral reef, cliffs and raised coral limestone called makatea. It has taro swamps, limestone caves, lush tropical bush and pristine, white sand beaches. Atiuan people live on the central plateau. Sunday is a day for Church, family and rest. There are several small shops which stock basics.

Atiu has a rich history

" The Mauke watchmen saw the Atiu war canoes lined up at the main landing passage. Already Atiuan warriors were jumping from canoe to canoe and jumping onto the reef armed with spears. The Mauke watchmen shouted his war cry calling for warriors to defend Mauke....."

In 1777, the first European - Captain Cook sent his men ashore to collect animal food. They were met by Atiuan warriors and welcomed in accordance with custom and protocol escorted through into the village to the ruling chiefs...."

In 1823, missionary, John Williams, saw a canoe approach his ship and seated on a platform amongst his paddlers was the Atiu High Chief (Ariki) ......"

Air Rarotonga

Atiu Island is a 45 minute flight from Rarotonga on Air Rarotonga. You can fly direct to Atiu from Rarotonga or choose a 3 way trip Rarotonga/Aitutaki/Atiu or Rarotonga/Atiu /Aitutaki. We highly recomend that you check with Air Rarotonga for flight availability in the early stages of your planning