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Most visitors to Atiu Island wish they had stayed longer. If you are looking for difference, tranquility and a choice of action, then Atiu is the place for you.

Atiu is a volcanic island surrounded by a coral reef, cliffs and raised coral limestone called makatea. It has taro swamps, lake, limestone caves, lush tropical bush and pristine beaches - some of the finest in the Cook Islands. The narrow, clean lagoon enables you to explore the reef & its sea life, enjoy a beach to yourself and your 'own personal lagoon pool' while you sit back and relax to the sound of the sea as it meets the reef. When sea conditions allow visit the coral gardens and grottos. Swim in the small harbour and, in calm weather, enjoy snorkelling the reef from there or in the coral gardens.

In season clearly view, from the beaches & cliffs, the Humpback Whales & Spinner Dolphins when they show themselves.

The tropical bush is home to wonderful bird life & exoctic flora. Atiu - 'Enuamanu' which translates the "Island of Birds" has many species including the Kopeka, an echo-locating swiftlet that nests deep inside the caves, the Kakerori, which was introduced to Atiu to help save the Rarotongan bird from extinction and the endangered Rimatara Lorikeet reintroduced from French Polynesia to Atiu in April 2007.

Atiu Tours is 'visitor aware' & offers eco-friendly tours ensuring that your Atiu Adventure is a memorable one.

"Marshall's Discovery Island Tour, Burial & Bird Caves, candle-lit swimming, food, and fruit.....One word: UNIQUE!! Exactly the kind of experience I was looking for. Marshall, you are honestly the best host, guide and friend I could have met in the Cook Islands. Atiu is "on my map", and I will make sure that it becomes on a lot more people's "maps". This is another world, and with your company, it becomes a MUST TO SEE! Thanks so much for a wonderful time" Gabrielle, Montreal, Canada.

Marshall's Discovery Island Tour

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Strong footwear is essntial for this tour.



This tour gives you a great foundation at the beginning of your stay. Discover hidden tracks & spectacular white sand beaches. Dramatic variations in bush and coastal scenery. Rich sea & bird life. Learn of the people of Enuamanu, their history, customs and the conservation programmes. Relax & enjoy a tropical picnic.

Duration: 4 -5 hours

NZ$50.00 per person
NZ$20.00 5-12 years
Free under 5 years

Anatakitaki Kopeka Bird Caves

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Strong footwear is essential for this tour.

Enjoy a challenging 30 minute walk with your experienced guides. These caves are the home to the Kopeka Birds, unique to Atiu. This swift like bird nests deep within the caverns and navigates in the dark by using an echo locating series of clicks. Hear the legend of Inutoto and Tangaroa and learn of the flora and fauna found in the makatea (raised coral) surroundings. Bring your swimwear and enjoy a candle-lit swim in the artesian
water pool.

Duration: 3½-4 hours

Price NZ$35.00 per person
NZ$20.00 5-12 years
Free under 5 years


Rimarau Burial Caves

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Strong footwear is essential for this tour. Access to the burial cave places some restrictions on peoples physical size and ability to cope with confined spaces.This tour is NOT suitable for those who suffer from claustrophobia. It is NOT recommended for young children.

Join our guides on a walk back through time to the days when life was different! Visit the maraes of Terea Mataiapo, and Katara, home to Tu Tavake (the God of war), listen to the legends of young lovers, fierce warriors and feats of incredible strength. Walk the daramatic route taken by hundreds as they went to their death. Enter the burial cave and see the final resting place of their earthly remains.

Duration: 1 ½ hours

Price NZ$30.00 per person
NZ$20.00 5-12 years
Free under 5 years