Jéanne's Art

From an early age, Cook Islander, Jéanne Humphreys (Metua Tom Neale) was fascinated by the art world and always desired to paint. Seven children kept her busy and finally, in 1989, she began painting - her first work being on cloth for Sunday School supplies used as tools in children's evangelism. From there she quickly moved on to water-colours and oils.

Her mediums include water-colour, acrylic, oil and textile paints. She is known for her scenery, flowers and tapa fish.

Jéanne also works on hand-painted garments for Ellena Tavioni, Tav Ltd, Rarotonga, Cook Islands. Hand-painted garments have been modelled at the Air NZ Fashion Week in Auckland, New Zealand under the Tav Ltd entry.

Jéanne's work has been exhibted and sold in the Cook Islands, New Zealand and as far afield as England, Europe, Canada, United States and the Pacific.

Art works & cards can be purchased direct form Jéanne or at outlets in Rarotonga, Cook Islands. Hand-painted garments can be purchased from Tav Ltd, Rarotonga, Cook Islands or Auckland , New Zealand.